How to Publish a Book on Amazon Kindle and Make Money: A Complete Guide to Kindle eBook Publishing with KDP

How to publish a book on amazon and make money
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You are about to learn; how to publish a book on Amazon and make money into your bank account using my simplified guide to kindle ebook publishing with KDP!

This article covers how to publish a book on Amazon Kindle USA, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, and other countries around the globe. Now, let’s discuss the steps you need to follow before you can make money with Amazon Kindle eBook publishing.

How to Publish a Book on Amazon and Make Money: But, Why Kindle eBook Publishing with KDP?

How to publish a book with amazon and make money.
(Example of a Kindle Reading Device)

Well, if you’ve been searching for the best eBook publishing platform, I can tell you that Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), remains the best place to get started with book publishing. This is because the book publishing process with Amazon KDP is seamlessly simple and guarantees passive recurring income. Although you may not totally agree with me, I will advise you to read the points I highlighted below before you make your argument. You can also read This Post. See the list below:

But, Why Should I Publish My Book With Amazon KDP?

a. The Amazon KDP platform allows authors and publishers to choose how much royalty they can earn from their books (30% or 70%).

b. Just like Google, the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform (KDP) is a search engine where readers and book lovers can buy books in different categories such as Thrillers, Crime, Children’s books, Religious Books, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Cookbooks and many more.

c. Amazon currently remains the largest bookstore in the world and now the world’s largest online retailer of consumer goods according to Wikipedia

d. Most users searching for information or books on the Amazon KDP platform are ready to dip their hands into their wallets to pay for such information compared to Google, where users can easily search for free pieces of information.

e. The Amazon KDP system makes it easy for self-published authors to market their books without having a sleepless night trying to figure out their marketing plans.

f. You can have your books published on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform no matter where you live on the planet earth. All you need in a computer/mobile device and an internet connection.

g. You can publish your books in multiple versions to maximize sales and gain more exposure. (Kindle eBook, Paperback, Audio Book). The benefits of Kindle eBook Publishing with KDP are inexhaustible.

h. Finally, get ready to learn the Amazon Book Publishing Process to earning money online. So, if you’ve been searching for; How to Start Kindle Publishing Business on Amazon KDP, it’s time to sit tight, and read the rest of this article carefully. In the next paragraph, I will quickly highlight the fundamental processes required to publish an eBook on Amazon Kindle.

The 8 Cardinal Points to Publish a Book on Amazon Kindle

  1. Create a Free Kindle Publishing Account with amazon
  2. Write your manuscript or hire a professional writer.
  3. Edit and Proofread Your Manuscript.
  4. Create a captivating eye-catching book cover or hire a cover designer.
  5. Format, design and edit your manuscript to Amazon KDP approved standard.
  6. Publish your manuscript to the KDP Platform.
  7. Promote /advertise your books.
  8. Create a buzz and a winning strategy to launch your book. You can learn about the best book lunch strategy by Nick Stephenson.

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How to Start Kindle Publishing Business with Amazon: How to Get Started

Honestly, you don’t need to be a genius to publish an ebook on the Amazon Kindle Platform. In fact, you don’t need to write the book yourself if you are not a gifted writer. There are good writers out there that can help you bring your message to the world in a book within 7-14 days, and you can find them on,,, and many other places.

To some persons, writing 8,500-13,000 words within a short period of time is as simple as ABC. So, you don’t need to pull your hairs to publish a Kindle eBook with Amazon. You can simply outsource the whole process.

If you decide to write and self-publish your eBook with Amazon Kindle, you have to focus on quality over quantity (talking about the number of books published within a short time). There is a need to focus attention on editing and proofreading your manuscript before publishing it as a Kindle eBook with Amazon KDP.

If possible, find someone who can scrutinize your manuscript. Because there could be a few errors you won’t notice no matter the number of times you proofread your work. So, always get a third eye or a third party to peruse your manuscript before publishing it with Amazon Kindle.

Take a few time to learn the Amazon Book Publishing Process in detail. You can watch helpful videos on Youtube relating to book publishing with amazon. Interestingly, learning the Kindle eBook publishing process isn’t as difficult as you think. Reading my Kindle-Pub Millionaires Secret Guide and practicing what I taught inside the guide will put you on the part to publishing a bestseller eBook in no distance time.

So, don’t wait any further. The best time to get started is now. Believe me, it won’t take you 7 days to learn the process because most of you are smarter than me. In the next paragraph, we would discuss “How to Format Your Manuscript to KDP Approved Standard”.

How To Format Your Amazon KDP Book

The last step you need to take before publishing your book to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is to convert your manuscript to the Amazon approved file format. For the paperback version, convert the manuscript to 6 by 9 inches, which is a popular book size with KDP. Ensure that you convert your paperback version to PDF before publishing it to the Amazon Kindle Publishing platform. You can choose any other KDP book size such as 5″ by 8″, or 5.25″ by 8″ as well.

For the Kindle version, set the paper size to 5.39″ width by 7.91″ height. Following this page setting will make the Kindle version of your book to come out beautifully well. Upload the document to the KDP platform as Microsoft Word DOC/DOCX or a KPF if you created your Kindle eBook using the Amazon Kindle Create Software. I hope you have learned something useful here.

I highly recommend you use Microsoft Word to write and format your Kindle book. But you can use any other program that works best for you. Now, let talk about how much you can make as a self-published author on Amazon KDP.

How Much Do Self-published Authors Make on Amazon?

A few months ago, someone asked me; How much money can you make selling books on amazon?

You see, Kindle Publishing Business is not rocket science. You can make extra money to pay bill publishing books with amazon KDP, but you won’t turn a millionaire within 30 days as claimed by some internet money making gurus.

Personally, sometimes I make a little above $1,000 per month, and there could be a time I make over $2,000. Mind you, I spent money on advertising and promoting my books to achieve these results.

As a beginner, you can get started by setting your first goal of earning $50, to $100, $200, and above. Take it one step at a time, as you climb through the ladder of Kindle Publishing Business with the Amazon KDP by learning “How to sell eBooks on amazon to make money”.

How to Publish a Book on Amazon and Make Money: How to sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle to Make Money

We outlined and discussed the processes of making money with Amazon self-publishing below.

Write Your Book and Get it Published with Amazon Kindle

Sometimes, you need to publish several books to make a reasonable amount of money with Kindle Publishing. This is because the success you recorded from the sales of a single book may not sustain you to live the life of your dream as a work from home entrepreneur.

Hence, there’s a need to diversify by writing and publishing more books in the same or different niches to earn more royalty with your Kindle books. This is while it’s important to learn how to publish a book on Amazon and Make Money into your bank account.

Use the Amazon Advertising Platform to Give Your Books Extra Exposure.

When done correctly, using the Amazon Advertising platform is the best way for self-published authors to keep the sales of their books alive. All you need is to sign up for an Amazon Advertising account using your KDP Account.

There are two campaign types with Amazon Advertising. They are: (a) Sponsored Products and (b) Lockscreen Ads. Personally, I used the “Sponsored Products” option to advertise my book. See the screenshot below. To use the Amazon Advertising Platform, simply visit their website and click on the “Continue” button as shown in the screenshot below.

How to publish a book on Amazon and Make Money using sponsored products Ads.
(Two Types of Amazon Advertising Campaign)

How to publish a book on Amazon and Make Money: Publish Your Books in the Right Categories

Often, people make the mistake of publishing books in random categories that are not related to their titles and topics of interest. For example, of what use is an Anthropology book to someone searching for a diabetic cookbook in the cookbook category?

In many cases, a lot of customers searching for recipe books might not open such a book (Anthropology), even if it’s written by a world-class bestseller author. Except for a few random browsers, who are just looking for random pieces of information.

Mind you, most people searching for topics on the Amazon store are buyers or sellers doing niche/market research. So, be sure to publish your book in the right category. Click here to read the Most Profitable Kindle Niches for Beginners.

Write More Books Within the Same Category, Rinse and Repeat the Process

Amazon Kindle eBook Publishing with KDP
(Write and Publish More Quality Books to Earn More with KDP)

Let me ask you a logical question; If you have a book that makes over $100 per month, how many more books will you publish to attain your financial goals?

You see, the answer to this question is simple. In the game of football, it is often said that you don’t change the winning team as a sensible coach. More so, you need not change your winning strategy in the Amazon book publishing business. All you need do is to maintain the momentum, publish more quality books, rinse and repeat the process. I hope you understood the process.

Use The Same Author Name/Pen Name for Books in the Same Niche

The reason for this is simple; whenever customers buy your book, Amazon sends them a message suggesting other books written by you so the customer can buy more books while Amazon also sells more books. The result makes you earn more royalties from multiple book sales. This is a secret I only share with my inner circle of students. I hope you can implement this strategy to sell more books on amazon kindle.


How to publish a book on amazon and make money as a self-published author.
(The Art of Writing a Self-published Book)

I know a friend who wrote and published just 2 books on Amazon Kindle and she was making a little above $250 per month. When she approached me and said she wants to scaleup her KDP Business, I advised her to write and publish more books that are related to the first two books she published.

But guess what she said? She said, “I am really too busy to focus on my writing career at the moment because I have to work my job and take care of my kids as well”. Interestingly, she is an epic gifted writer who has vast knowledge about content creation. But she didn’t listen to my advice because we were both too familiar with each other.

A few months later, she abandoned her natural talent and hired a freelancer at a ridiculous price I wouldn’t want to mention. The freelancer didn’t have English as his primary language, hence he wrote a crapped book, formatted it to Kindle and paperback version, and submitted it to my friend. Boom! She read a few pages of the book, head over to the Amazon KDP platform, and have her books published.

Within the first month, she made a few sales, thereafter the negative reviews started pouring in from customers who initially bought her first two books. This time around, they got disappointed with the latest version of her book, because it was poorly written. In a matter of days, her sales dwindled and the two previous books that once constantly made her about $250 per month went down to $5 or 10 per month.

But despite doing the wrong things, she kept the freelancer who helped her wrote 4 crapped books per month because his service was cheap. She watched YouTube videos about the benefits of Amazon Advertising, and the next thing she did was to spend more money to advertise “poorly written books”. You can avoid this trap by learning the Amazon Books Publishing process.

Within 3 months, she had spent $350 on amazon advertising to generate sales of $400. Meaning she was losing more money than she’s making. You see, advertisement is the easiest way to expose an inferior product.- Be it books, digital or physical products. I hope you got the message right.

When she finally approached me again, she narrated her ordeals and how she went from making over $250 per month to less than $10 per month. This time, she was ready to listen and implement my advice. I gave her 4 pieces of advice which I referred to as the Amazon Kindle self-publishing pros and cons. Now, read carefully.

Self-publishing on Amazon Pros and Cons for Newbie Authors: How to Stop Gambling with KDP Business

Amazon Kindle eBook publishing with KDP: How to publish a book on amazon and make money.
(How to Stop Gambling with Your KDP Business)

i. Stop spending money on ads if it’s not profitable. There is no need to repeat a falling system. If you are losing money than you are making with KDP business despite using the Amazon Advertising, kindly pause your Ads campaign.

ii. End existing contracts or stop hiring inexperienced writers: I don’t mean to say it bad to hire a freelancer. But if you must do so, make sure you hire a professional writer, though it might cost you more.

iii. Change your author’s name and use a pen name: If your books keep getting a lot of negative reviews from Amazon KDP customers, don’t publish your next book using the same author’s name. This is because the 1-2 stars reviews by over 10-15 customers would ruin your reputation as an author and causes you to lose sales. Although, not everyone will appreciate your book, yet having many 4-5 stars reviews from customers will help you earn the trust of potential readers.

iv. As a gifted writer, simply write more books by yourself, or hire a proofreader/editor to have a third eye on your book before publishing them on Amazon KDP.

So, have you had a horrible experience hiring a terrible writer? Use the comment section below to air your opinions so that others can learn “How to publish a book on Amazon and Make Money” following your suggestions. Now, let’s talk about the book launch on Amazon KDP.


Never give your books away completely free on amazon during lunch: I know that most self-published authors use the amazon free promotion to push their new books to their readers during the launch period. Now, I am here to tell you it’s a bad technique.

In the past, I have used the Amazon free promotion to give my Kindle books away so that readers can download the Kindle version of my eBook completely free. But the results are not worth it. You can only benefit from this strategy if you have an email list or you own a reader’s tribe that can review your books.

Otherwise, this method is ineffective because you might get to the top 5 spots during free launch promotion, but you will lose all the momentum you gained during the free promotion as soon as you change the pricing and set the book to a paid book.

So, what is the best way to launch your new book with Amazon Kindle Publishing if you must not give them away completely free? My winning strategy for launching a new book with Amazon KDP is to first set the price at $0.99 before launch and thereafter increase the price to $2.99 or more when the promotion is over.

This way, I would retain the momentum I had during the book launch to rank and sustain my books on the Amazon bestsellers list. Unlike the free promotion, where you would lose all the momentum and book ranking gained during the book launch. I think it’s better to stick with what works best for you. Personally, this strategy has earned more results for me than free promotion. Although not too many people would download my book, still, I will retain my ranking whenever I change the pricing.

How to Publish a Book on Amazon and Make Money: GET REVIEWS FOR YOUR BOOKS

How to publish a book on amazon and make money through KDP customers reviews.
(Learn How To Get Unbiased Reviews From Amazon KDP Customers)

Honestly, the Amazon KDP system makes it extremely difficult to know your book buyers/readers. Hence asking them for a review is something that only genius and the big boys in the book publishing industry have access to.

First, you must have them on your email list, nurture them and give them freebies or discounted books to earn their reviews. But not too many self-published authors know how to use this strategy. So, my friend, Nick Stephenson is best at doing this. So you can check out his course, so you can learn How To Add Your First 1000 Readers to your email list.

In conclusion, if you want to learn the Amazon self-publishing cost, how to publish a book for free, and the most profitable niches for KDP authors, Kindly click here to download a FREE copy of KDP NICHE HACKS.

PS: If you have learned new things from reading this article, kindly drop your comment below. Also, feel free to share this article with friends on your social media accounts so they can learn How to publish a book on Amazon and Make Money into their bank accounts. Peace!

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