Amazon Book Publishing Process: A Complete Guide to Self Publishing on Amazon KDP

Amazon book publishing process
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Hello, everyone! This article contains a simplified guide to the Amazon Book Publishing Process for all intending self-publishing authors, using the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Platform as our case study. Interestingly, it’s said that everyone has a story to tell. But the problem is; “How do you tell your story to the world in a book if you can’t secure a publishing deal with mega traditional publishing houses?

Therefore, in this article, you would learn the nitty-gritty to the Amazon book publishing process as an indie author using the KDP platform. Also, you would learn how to write a great book that sells lots of copies.

I am sure “you’ve got a book in you”. So, this article is intended to unlock your potentials so you can get started with the process of sharing your stories to the world in a book via the Amazon KDP platform. But first, you must read this article to the end to learn all you’ll need to know to become a successful 6-figure self-publishing author.

Amazon Book Publishing Process on KDP

We can break the Amazon book publishing process down into the following stages below, and you must be ready to learn the various steps to become successful by self-publishing a book on Amazon.

  • Register a free KDP account on amazon
  • Verify your personal and Tax information to complete your Amazon KDP account setup
  • Provide a payment method to the amazon KDP Team to enable you to earn royalty from your book every 28th day of each month.
  • Research and choose your book niche (Fiction and non-fiction).
  • Choose a topic or title for your Kindle book.
  • Research and select highly targeted amazon kindle keywords for your book.
  • Write or outsource your book draft/metadata.
  • Format your book manuscript to the appropriate amazon KDP size.
  • Make a captivating cover design for your amazon kindle books.
  • Write a compelling and mindblowing description for your book.
  • Upload your book manuscript to Amazon KDP
  • Choose the right categories for your book.
  • Set pricing for your book.
  • Choose territories for your kindle book.
  • Hit the publish button for your book to go live on Amazon KDP
  • Use the Amazon free promotion to gain exposure.
  • Use Amazon advertizing for more book sales.
  • Rinse and Repeat the process for all your amazon KDP books.

So, we shall discuss the Amazon book publishing process in detail. Mind you, this article would be a bit longer to read because it contains the Complete Guide to Self Publishing on Amazon KDP. You can have a glass of wine, water, or coffee close-by to digest the truckload of information we shall reveal to you. But make sure you read this post to the end before you reward yourself with a pleasant treat. Let’s get started!

How To Register A Free Amazon KDP Account

In my previous pots, I outlined all the processes required to register and verify your Amazon Kindle Publishing Account. I also showed you how to set up your payment method using the Payoneer Payment Service. You can read the post here: How To Register a Free KDP Account for Authors and Publishers.

If you’re new to Amazon Kindle Publishing, read that post before you return here to continue. We covered how to verify your Amazon KDP account, how to provide and verify tax information, and how to receive a USA ATM card to withdraw your Amazon royalty for those living in Africa (Nigeria or Morocco), Asia (India or Pakistan), Europe (Spain or the UK), South America (Brazil or Argentina) or any part of the world. Having said that, let’s continue to the second stage.

Kindle mastery course
(K Money Mastery! Your #1 To Self Publishing On Amazon KDP).

How to Research and Choose a Niche for Your Kindle Book

We cannot overemphasize the importance of KDP niche research. So I encourage my students to spend an ambit amount of time doing Kindle Niche Research before ever picking a pen to write your draft. Also, this applies to fiction and non-fiction authors. You see, it makes sense to research your topic of interest to determine its popularity and profitability before spending your money and time to craft a book out.

So, there are steps to follow when doing your Amazon KDP niche research. Personally, Pinterest and Amazon Bestsellers list remain my favorite guide for Kindle book niche research. So, let’s explore the Kindle Niche research method using Pinterest.

Pinterest Amazon Kindle book Niche Research Method

Here’s how to do your Amazon kindle niche research using the Pinterest website. So, to get started, open your browser and type “Pinterest” into your search bar and click the search button to visit the Pinterest website. In the “Pinterest” search bar, type in a keyword, or a book title relating to your topic of interest. For example, -meditation, herbal medicine, memory improvement, men’s health, relationship, essential oils, etc.

For this post, I will focus on “essential oil” as my topic of interest. I can niche-down my research to “Essential Oil Recipes”. Kindly check the circled area in the image below. The results from Pinterest showed that the Essential Oil Recipe is a broad niche with several micro niches.

So, I selected the “Essential oil diffuser blend” because it came up multiple times from the search result. This showed that the Essential oil diffuser blend sub-niche is popular and profitable as well because people are searching and spending money on the niche term. If you have made it to this stage, it’s time to sip wine, water, or coffee to digest the information. Congratulation on completing the first task, on the amazon book publishing process.

How to Use The KDP Bestsellers List for Kindle Niche Research

So, I selected the “Essential oil diffuser blend” because it came up multiple times from the search result. That means the “Essential oil diffuser blend” sub-niche is popular and profitable as well because people are searching and spending money on the niche term. If you have made it to this stage, it’s time to sip wine, water, or coffee to digest the information. Congratulation on completing the first task on the Amazon book publishing process.

Now, I can say this could be a profitable kindle niche for my book. You can follow the same process to research your topic of interest. Also, let’s quickly use the Amazon KDP Bestsellers List to niche-down our research.

In one of my previous posts, I revealed the nitty-gritty of Amazon book publishing and Kindle Niche Research for KDP Authors. You can find it here. In case you want to continue reading on this page, here’s the breakdown of the post. Examine the image below.

From the image above, our focus will be on the left side of the image. Because it contains a list of the bestseller categories on the Amazon book/kindle store. Since my topic of interest relates to the health niche, I selected the “Health, Fitness & Dieting category”. See the arrow in the screenshot above. You can choose any category that’s related to your topic of interest and click on it to further niche-down your research. Also, see the screenshot below.

To niche-down my category, I moved from; Health, Fitness & Dieting to Alternative Medicines. And I selected “Aromatherapy”, a closely related sub-niche, to my topic of interest “Essential Oil Blend Diffuser”. So what’s your topic of interest? Drop whatever you’re doing now and pick a pen and paper to write whatever idea you have on your head right now to form your next topic for your Amazon Kindle book. If you have completed your task, congratulations once more.

Finally, look at the topics or book titles that shown on your category and subcategories multiple times. If you found such titles, then you can model such topics for your book. In my case, I found “Essential Oil for Healing, Essential Oil & Aromatherapy, Essential Oil Diffuser Blend” to be popular topics for my niche. So diligently carry out the kindle niche research for your topic of interest to get started with your Amazon Book Publishing Process.

Warning, do not copy other authors’ titles, So, they might report your account for violating Amazon copyright infringement law. So let’s find out how to research keywords for Kindle books below.

How to Do Kindle Keyword Research on Amazon KDP

To get started, kindly log in to your Amazon KDP account. You must create a free KDP account to self publishing a book on amazon.

Type your keyword into the Amazon search bar. For example, “Keto Diet”. And remember to select a “Book” or Kindle Store from the drop-down arrow. View the circled areas in the image below. Again, I’m using the same example used on one of my previous pots “How To Find Profitable Keywords for Kindle Niches. You can read it here”.

Kindle niche research on KDP

Use Amazon keyword suggestions to find related keywords. From the image above, Amazon suggested a list of 10 related keywords. Simply type a keyword that’s closely related to your book topic in the Amazon search bar, and amazon will suggest a list of keywords for you.

You can use all the keywords or select the ones that are most relevant to your topic and include them when writing your book; Title, subtitle, description, and manuscript to help your book become visible to potential customers on Amazon and search engine optimization. We will talk about that later in the description section. To learn more about Kindle Keyword Research, click here.

How To Write or Outsource Your KDP Book

Whether you intend to be an author or publisher on Amazon KDP, there are opportunities to make regular passive income publishing books on Amazon kindle. If you are a gifted writer, I salute you and I’m envious of your natural talent.

Nevertheless, for those who weren’t born with natural writing skills, there’s still an opportunity to earn a living publishing book on Amazon. Do you want to know how? Simply outsource your book so that talented writers can help you craft your ideas into a bestselling book on Amazon.

To learn more about book outsourcing and how to become a 6-figure author/publisher on Amazon KDP, join Stefan James’ K-Money Mastery Course. This is a crash course that teaches virtually all you’ll need to know about Kindle publishing and how to write and publish great books that sell a lot of copies on Amazon. Get the course below for just $97.

Kindle mastery course

How To Write A Book For Amazon Kindle Publishing

Amazingly, “How to Write a Book for Kindle Publishing” is a question often asked by intending self-publishing authors. The truth is; writing a book for kindle publishing on Amazon is as simple as ABC if you follow my research method. So, if you’ve been searching for how to publish a book for free on Amazon, read this post to the end.

Once you have completed your kindle book niche research to pick a title for your kindle book idea following the steps revealed in the previous paragraphs, it’s time to write your first draft.

The first stage to write your kindle book is to gather pieces of information relating to your topic of interest. Personally, Google search and Amazon customers’ review section are my two favorite places to gather the pieces of information relating to my topic.

How To Come Up With A Kindle Book Idea Using Google

To come up with a kindle book idea using Google, follow my this illustration:- Go ahead and type your topic of interest into the Google search bar and click the search button to continue. For this post, I will continue with my topic “Essential Oils Diffuser Blends”. See the screenshot below.

Amazon book publishing process: how to write a kindle book using google

From the image above, the “Arrows” 1, 2, 3, show the searched term, the searched results on Google, and topics related to your title. To explore your search results, kindly open each result on the first and second pages in new tabs to get an idea of what the articles are about.

You can copy texts that might be helpful and paste them into a word processor like; Microsoft Word or Google Docs. For those using Mac, simply open Apple Pages or Microsoft Word 2016 to write and edit your documents.

Continue to add more relevant points and add whatever ideas that might come up during this process. Don’t bother about perfection in writing at this stage. You can polish your content when proofreading and editing the document. By this, you have successfully created your first draft. Again, sip wine, water, or coffee to digest the information.

How To Come Up With A Book Idea Using Amazon’s Customers Review

The Amazon customers’ review section is an untapped resource for authors and publishers to get into the minds of their readers. Amazon’s customer review section helps authors to understand what customers; liked and disliked about certain books that in your niche or topic of interest.

Log in to your Amazon KDP account and type your keyword or book title into the Amazon search bar. Click the search button and open 5-10 books within your niche or topic and read the reviews.

Amazingly, reading through the 1 and 2 stars reviews expresses the disappointments customers experienced with the book: while the 4 and 5 stars reviews express customers’ satisfaction with the book. So, I consider these reviews as a double-edged sword. Because they reveal the “Good” and “Ugly” side of a book on Amazon. The screenshot below showed a 5-star review for a book bought by a happy customer on Amazon.

Amazon book publishing process: Customers review.

Finally, remember to open your notepad or notebook and write every issue of concern raised by the customers. Go back to Google and search for the pieces of information related to those issues and save them to your word processor. Once you complete this stage, it means you are through with the first stage of how to write a book for Amazon kindle publishing. Kudos to you for completing this task!

Amazon Book Publishing Process: How To Outsource Kindle Book Writers

upwork outsourcing for amazon book publishing process.

If you’re interested to profit from Amazon Kindle Publishing Business, but you dislike writing a book, then you can leverage talented and gifted writers to help you craft your Amazon Kindle book.

What I love most about outsourcing a book is the fact that you wouldn’t need to bother with the hassles of writing, editing, formatting, and designing your book. Your only job is to proofread the book before approving it. Also, you can outsource the proofreading process if you choose to. This makes you the boss in the Amazon Kindle Publishing Business. Because you can virtually outsource all the Amazon book publishing processes if you have the funds.

You see, I am not a gifted writer, so I consider myself a publisher, and allow professional writers to do the kindle book writing process. Some authors consider this strategy as a lazy approach to the Kindle book publishing business, but I consider it as the smartest way to grow your KDP royalty if you suck at writing a book. But how do you find these professional writers?

Interestingly, there are websites specifically designed for outsourcing and freelancing jobs. Examples of such are; Upwork, iwriter, Gurudotcom, Fiverr, Freelancerdotcom, and many more.

My favorite freelance website is Upwork. This is where I outsource professional writers at a considering fee. If you’re on a tight budget, you may check Fiverr to order gigs from ebook content writers. Please note, the writing jobs on these websites are not free.

To get started outsourcing your Amazon kindle book, you would need to register a free account with any freelance website of your choice, verify your account information, post a job, or contact gig sellers to start the kindle book outsourcing process.

Also Read: My List of 151 Sub Niches for Nonfiction Authors!

Finally, once they accept your job offer, you must make payment to the website through an escrow service before the freelancer can start working on your job. -this way, the writer gets paid only when you’re satisfied with the job. As soon as they complete the job and you make a payment, you will own All Rights to the book which you can then publish as a kindle book or paperback book on Amazon KDP. Cheers!

Amazon Book Publishing: How To Format Your Manuscript For KDP

As a self-publishing author on the Amazon KDP platform, they will require you to format your manuscript to kindle and paperback format following the Amazon book formatting guidelines. Some popular trim sizes for paperback non-fiction books are; 5.25′ by 8, 5.5′ by 8.5′, and 6′ by 9′. Also, ensure you convert your KDP manuscript to a PDF file or (DOC/DOCX) before submitting it.

Interestingly, Amazon has gone further to simplify the KDP book formatting process, by providing a free Kindle book formatting tool for all self-publishing authors. We call this Amazon book formatting tool “Kindle Create”. It simplifies the KDP interior book formation process. You can check out on the Amazon website.

How To Edit A Kindle Book For Amazon KDP

After you’ve successfully written your first draft, don’t hurry to publish your draft to Amazon KDP. You’ll need to read through your draft 3 times or more to pick out errors and spelling mistakes. After you complete this stage, proofread your draft about 2 times or more.

This way you could notice grammatical errors, improper punctuations, and possibly add a few more hook words to your book you might have forgotten during the first writing stage. This is where your journey to writing a bestselling book begins.

To answer the questions of many authors about “How to edit a kindle book” or “what is the best way to edit amazon kindle books,” I highly recommend a few pieces of book editing software and proofreading tools.

The following pieces of book editing software would ensure your book editing job is easier, compared to when proofreading manually. Grammarly, ProWritingAid, and GradeProof App. Be sure to download these three book editing software and install them on your browser’s extension. I will write a detailed article about these book editing software and proofreading software.

Design Attention Grabbing Cover For Your Book

There’s an adage “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”. -Well, that might have been valid in the 18th century but not in this 21st century. Truly, over 80 percent of your book sales will result from the attention your book cover can grab from your potential customers. This is because your book cover is the attraction point for your kindle publishing business.

Again, if you’re a professional graphic designer, you can create the book cover yourself. But if you suck at graphic design just as I am, you can outsource your book cover in Fiverr, which is my favorite website for book cover design. You can find a host of professional graphic designers for $5-20 per cover.

Write An Appealing Description For Your Kindle Book

We can’t overemphasize the importance of having a well written, stylish, and fascinating book description for your KDP books. After being able to grab your potential customer’s attention with your book cover, the description section is where you need to convince your buyers and close your sales.

You can write your book description as you would write a high converting sales letter if you’ve mastered the art of copywriting. Also, you can outsource your book description writing on Fiverr or simply ask your freelance writer on Upwork to write you, a book description page regarding the book he/she created for you. Don’t forget to give a tip or buy him a cup of coffee.

Furthermore, make sure your book description is stylish and easy to read. You can use this free resource Kindlepreneur Amazon HTML Description Generator to produce a unique product description page. View the 2 images below.

self publishing guide on amazon
(The first arrow shows header text, while the second arrow shows Bold text)
amazon book publishing process htlm description

Critically analyze the two images above and you would notice that one is stylish and easy to read while the other is jam-packed and difficult to read. I wrote the description in the first image with the Kindlepreneur Html code generator, while I wrote the description in the second image with the normal text format on the Amazon product description page. I hope you can observe the difference(s). Now, let’s discuss how to upload a manuscript to the Amazon KDP platform.

Upload Your Manuscript To Amazon KDP Platform

To upload your manuscript to the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform, follow the instructions below. Also, use the screenshot below as a guide.

(How To Upload Your Manuscript To Amazon KDP).
  1. Log in to your Kindle Direct Publishing account and locate “Bookshelf” on your KDP dashboard. Observe (1) from the image above.
  2. Click on “Kindle eBook” (2) to submit the kindle version of your book. Or Click “Paperback” (3), to submit the paperback version of your book. View the image above.
  3. A new page would open where you’ll be required to fill in your: “Book Title, Subtitle, Author’s name, 7 Keywords, and your book description,”. Click “Save and Continue”.
  4. On this fresh page, click “Get a free KDP ISBN”, in the “Interior & Paper type” choose the option that best suits your book. Also, choose the “Trim Size”, “Bleed Setting”, “Cover Type”, “Upload Your Manuscript”, “Upload your Cover”, click on “Lunch Preview” to preview your book, and click “Save to Continue”.
  5. On the next page, select “worldwide” if you want your books to be available in all Amazon market places. This includes the European, Asia, and South American market places.
  6. Select the pricing for your book. For all my kindle ebooks, I priced them at $2.99. For the paperback versions, I would check on my competition before choosing a price for my paperback books.
  7. Click on Finish and Amazon will review your manuscripts within 24-48 hours and contact you via email.
  8. Now that you have finished the book writing and uploading process, it’s time to sip a cup of coffee and eat some candies if you are like me.

How To Promote KDP Books On Amazon

Amazingly, to promote your KDP books on Amazon, there are steps and strategies to follow when advertising your kindle books on Amazon. You can use the KDP free promotion option, to promote your kindle book for 5 days within 90 days. Or use the “Kindle Countdown Deal” to promote your Kindle books for 5 days.

Mind you, either of those options above may cause a few sales for your kindle books. This KDP free promotion option means your book would be available to Amazon KDP customers for a free download.

Also, you can spend money to advertise your paperback version by using the “Amazon Advertising” service. For those that have asked the question, “how to sell my book on amazon kindle”? You can use Amazon Advertising to gain more exposure to your books.

To learn more about Kindle Book Publishing and Profiting, you can sign up to Stefan’s “Kindle Book Mastery Course”, where he reveals all the strategies you’ll need to become a successful Kindle Book self-publishing author on Amazon KDP.

(K-Money Mastery 2.0)


I guess this has been an interesting article for you, although it’s been longer than expected. Yet, it was worth it because my team and I spent an ambit amount of time putting this article together, so we could answer most of the questions being asked by young and intending authors about the Amazon book publishing process. I hope you’ve found this article helpful.

Finally, I would appreciate it if you can take a few minutes of your time to drop your comments below to let others know what was your take-home lesson reading this article. If you want others to enjoy this wealth of knowledge as revealed in this post, be kind enough to share this article on your Facebook and other social media platforms. I hope to hear from you soon in the comment section.

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