7 Best Evergreen Nonfiction KDP Niches: +151 Sub-niches For Amazon Kindle Book Publishing

most profitable kindle niches
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My 7 Best Evergreen Nonfiction Niches for KDP Authors:- This article contains my lists of most profitable niches for Kindle Books that sell like hotcakes on the Amazon KDP website for self-publishing authors. Furthermore, these super niches are broken down into 151 sub-niches, so you would have a full list of high in-demand topics for your next Kindle books.

Whether you’re looking for the best kindle book niche ideas for 2019, 2020, and beyond, these kindle book niches will forever remain profitable to generate revenue for Kindle book publishing authors. So, let’s quickly highlight my list of 7 best non-fiction niches, before we delve into the 151 sub-niches in detail.

In this post, we would use “Niche” and “Category” interchangeably. Below is my list of top-selling evergreen nonfiction niches for your next kindle book idea.

My List of 7 Best Evergreen Nonfiction Niches for KDP Authors.

  • Health and Wellness–Category.
  • Food, Drink, and Wine–Niche.
  • Animals and Pets Niche.
  • Travel, Tours, and Leisure -Niche.
  • Family and Relationship–Category.
  • Self-Help, and Home Remedies–Niche.
  • Children’s book–Niche.

Health and Wellness Category

most profitable niches for Kindle Books
(Profitable Health Sub-niches for Kindle Publishing)

We cannot overemphasize the importance of health and wellness in this modern world. Therefore, most developed countries spend a huge sum of budgeting allocation in their health sector to continually improve the health care delivery system.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of most developing countries where most of her citizens lack access to basic health amenities. Interestingly, most people in developed/developing countries now resort to self-help and alternative (herbal) medicines.–Examples of such are; Using essential oils for wellness, acupuncture, herbal remedies, and dieting.

So, this deficiency in the health sector, and the yearning for alternative medicine by most people all around the globe, allows health bloggers and authors to proffer solutions to different health challenges by writing and publishing books on Amazon KDP to earn monthly royalties. (This is a goldmine for established and aspiring authors).

Now, let me ask you a question: Have you had discomfort or health challenges and you head to the internet to search for remedies? Sometimes ago, I had hemorrhoids, and I didn’t feel like consulting my doctor, so I searched on Google “Natural Home Remedies to Cure Haemorrhoids”. Interestingly, I found some helpful tips I could practice at home to alleviate or treat hemorrhoids.

Moreso, people that have different health challenges would search Google to learn helpful tips. But when they need detailed and well-tailored information documented in book(s) format, they would head on to Amazon with a credit card in their hands ready to pay for the information.

So, if you are a health-blogger or you choose to publish books in the health niche on Amazon KDP, then you would be lucky to tap into this profitable kindle niche; worth over $4.2 trillion as of 2017 according to Global Wellness Institute. Kindly, check out the huge list of health micro-niches for KDP self-publishing authors to have an idea of the best kindle non-fiction niches.

Health and Wellness Profitable Micro-Niches for Kindle Books

Dietary, Supplements, and Nutrition
Spa and hydrotherapy micro-niche.
Weight Loss Products.
Essential Oils.
Massage therapy and aromatherapy.
Herbal and alternative medicine.
Weight loss for men.
Weight loss For kids teens.
Weight loss for pregnant women.
Tummy weight loss diet.
Men’s Health and Infertility.
Male Enhancement.
Dental Health.
Women’s Reproductive Health.
Digestive health/healthy gut.
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
Inflammatory diets.
Mental Health/Spiritual Health.
Hypernsion and Diabetes.
Arthritis/ Rheumatism.
Body pain, Fatigue, Back, and Neck pain.
Skincare and beauty.
Bodybuilding and workout for men.
Beachbody diet for women.
Yoga and Hip Exercise for Women.
Weight gain, Muscle Building, and exercise for men.
Exercise for a flat tummy.

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Food, Drink and Wine Niche for Kindle Publishing

Best evergreen nonfiction niches for KDP authors
(Food, Drink and Wine Niches for Kindle Publishing)

As long as humanity exists on planet earth; the demand for food and drink will keep rising. This is why the food and drink niche remains one of the most profitable kindle niches to publish your next bestselling book ideas on the Amazon Kindle Publishing Platform.

The demand to learn new cooking skills and develop new recipes are rising daily. Besides, most people are now becoming lazy, and want dinner prepared and served on automation while they enjoy life in their comfort seat cushion. Little wonder; the instant pot, electric cooking appliances, and food preservation micro-niches are on high demand.

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Also, writing a cookbook or recipe book is one of the easiest writing challenges one would have to take as an indie author. This is because the materials are readily available on the internet and you can source for different recipes on the web if you are not a recipe developer.

You see, the food, drink and wine niche is so wide that thousands of books can be published in this genre monthly, yet the market won’t be saturated. Now, let’s take a look at some topics or sub-niches in the food, drink, and wine category for Kindle publishing authors. These could be your best nonfiction niches as a cookbook writer. See details below:

Food and Outdoor Cooking Micro-Niche for KDP

Pantry recipe
Cuisine recipes
Cooking on a budget recipes
Smoothies for weight loss
Meat smoking
Mexican cooking recipe
Asian cooking
Italian cooking
Mediterranean diet
Mason Jar recipe
Keto diet
Paleo Diet
Healthy food recipes
breakfast recipe
Homemade juice
Crockpot recipe
Outdoor cooking
Backyard grilling
Baking/Cake recipe
Cooking for two
Hot sauce recipes.

Animals and Pets Category for Amazon Kindle Book Niche

amazon KDP self-publishing niches
(Animals and Pet Niche for KDP Books)

Having certain animals and birds as pets in your home could be a wondrous thing to experience if you haven’t got one.- imagine the comfort and companionship pets bring to our lives and how they help us deal with loneliness and depression. Dogs, Cats, Pigeons, Peacock or any other animal of your choice can help make your day exciting and playful if you give them the proper training.

So, just as we look out to care for our kids, most families are continually searching for books and other methods that can help provide a better training experience for their pets. They also want to learn how to care for their pets, learn about the most suitable foods, recipes, and skincare products for their adorable pets.

Consequently, the animal and pet niche is one niche that you can easily publish your books because the materials are easy to sort and the writing style doesn’t require many professional attributions as we have in the health niche. So, check out the list of Animal and Pet sub-niches below.

Animal and Pet Sub Niches for KDP Authors

Reptile training and grooming
How to train snakes
How to train Turtles
Reptiles breeding, photography, and art.
Dog training/Grooming
Dog healthcare/Allergy
Dog breeds and foods
Dog photography and art
Dog crate and breeding.
Rescue Dogs/Adoption.
Cat healthcare
Cat breeds, photography, and art.
Birds training
Birds’ hunting
Bird species, and building birdhouses (crafting and woodworking)
Birds’ healthcare
Backyard Poultry
Aquarium care
Fish species
Fish rearing and training.

Best Kindle Book Niches for Travel, Tours, and Leisure

Most profitable niche ideas for kindle books.
(Holiday, Travel and Tour Kindle Niches.)

Interestingly, the travel, tour and leisure niche is a multi-billion industry that will remain in high demand in as much as people go on vacations, camping, tours, road tripping, etc.

Millions of people are surfing the internet for different travel guides, so they can learn more about a new location, city, or country they intend to spend their next holiday.

So, you can write about any of the travel sub-niches below or combine two or more travel and tour micro-niches to form your next kindle book bestselling topic. Quickly check out my list of travel, holiday and vacation sub-niches below.

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Travel and Tour Micro-Niches and Kindle Book Topics

Cultural tourism
Travel guide
Shopping tourism
Nature and wildlife tourism – Ecotourism
Religious pilgrimages
Space tourism
Adventure travel
How to become a successful travel agent
Travel agency guide
Travel consultancy
Yoga and meditation retreats
Suicide travels
Vacation rental guest book
Holiday planners
Cat Tourism
Storm Chasing
Rock/Mountain climbing

Best Kindle Niches for Family and Relationship Category

amazon kindle best book niche
(Profitable Sub-niches under Relationship Category)

The relationship niche is one of the top 4 most profitable niches on the internet. This is because the market is high in demand and people are constantly looking for love and to be loved. Just imagine how bored and miserable the world would be if there was nobody to call your love.

From young adults to the seniors in our society, everyone needs love. This is why social media and dating websites give room for people to meet and socialize and in the end, the website can monetize the traffic coming into their websites and earn thousands or millions of dollars annually.

Therefore, we’ve composed a list of superhot sub-niches in the family and relationship category for your next best-selling kindle book topic.

Most profitable Kindle Sub-niches for Family and Relationship

Goal settings for young couples
How to plan life after marriage
Wedding planning
Relationship retreat
Financial management for young couples.
How to stop worrying about a cheating partner
How to cope with a Long-term distance relationship
How to fix your relationship and make it work.
How to move on after a breakup
The easiest ways to get over a breakup
How to Dump a boyfriend or girlfriend
How to find a boyfriend or girlfriend
How to get your ex back
Life after breakup for a single mom
How to heal a broken heart
Fixing a broken heart
How to get rid of an abusive boyfriend
Raising a family.
Small Business Startups for Young Couples

Self-Help, and Home Remedies – Kindle book Niche

evergreen nonfiction niches 2020
(Self-Help and Home Remedies Kindle Book Niche)

I have compiled a list of “my Best Evergreen Nonfiction Niches and Sub-niches for KDP authors” under the self-help and home remedy category. Honestly, most people want to have a better version of themselves. So, they won’t get bored to learn new skills to improve their lives.

Some people read books about personal development, leadership, how to overcome bullying, how to become more social as an introvert, etc. Therefore, you can build a list of topics for your next kindle book by selecting from the self-help sub-niches listed below.

Self-Help ebook Topics in Demand Sub-Niches for KDP

Dating Guides
Eating Disorders
Marriage & Relationships
Personal Finance
Public Speaking
Self Defense
Stress Management
Goal setting
Wealth thinking techniques
Time Management
Stress Relieve
Confidence Building
Maintaining and improving health
Home remedies
How to play musical instruments
How to sing/dance
Bead making for women

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Amazon Kindle Children’s Book Niche

Best Kindle Niches 2020
(Amazon Kindle Children’s Book Sub-niches)

The children’s book niche is one of the most profitable niches to kindle book publishers if you follow the right steps. Yearly, parents spend a sizeable amount of money to buy books and other learning materials for kids and young adults to help them model reading habits and improve their learning skills.

The children’s book niche is so huge and profitable, that it won’t get saturated soon because of its high demand by parents and guidance. So, if you want to make a selection of sub-niches for your next kid’s book, check out the list below. These sub-niches can further be broken down if you do your homework and kindle book niche research properly.

Children’s Book Sub-niches for KDP Authors

Coloring books for kids
Children’s activity books
Kids puzzle books
Kids drawing books
Kids cookbook, and recipe books
Letter tracing book for kids.
Food Alphabet Books
Early Learning for kids
Memory Improvement Games for Kids


I hope you found this article helpful. Initially, I created this list of “My 7-Best Evergreen Nonfiction Niches for KDP: +151 Amazon Kindle Book Publishing Sub-niches” only for my inner circle students. But I shared it with you so you can have a hand-full of topics for your next kindle book niche idea.

Finally, if you like what my team and I have done to put this article together, you can drop your comment below to show appreciation, or share this post on your social media accounts, so your friends and family can learn about it as well. If you are generous, you can give us a cup of coffee, and it would be super appreciated. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you hear from you in the comment section.

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